STATS (if you're into that kinda thing): taurus sun & sagittarius moon & gemini rising, 4w5, infp-t

LIKES: tacky things, snacks, weird fashion, peanut butter, bright colors, the web, smiley faces, animals, halloween, gas masks, thrift stores

DISLIKES: plain clothes, flavored chips, bare walls, ppl that don't kno how 2 have fun, seated concerts, modern mobile phones, "aesthetics" that end in -core

FAVORITE GAMES: half-life, toontown online, minecraft, tetris, roblox

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: hello kitty,, the g-man, dr. sbaitso, mello/mihael kheel & grell sutcliffe & hatsune miku (my 3 childhood faves lol!!)

x) howdy... my name is four... i use "he/him" pronouns n im frum ireland:) just living life 4 a good time and experiencing the days as they hobbies include cross stitch, collecting, using my computer, collecting web graphix, loitering & luving animals.... n of course music rules my world!!! i love any & all music but especially anything edm or electronic in general cuz thats wat i grew up obsessed with as a baby raver @ heart n it introduced me 2 tha P.L.U.R. lifestyle which ive been doing my best 2 live by every day ever since:) but hey its not all that serious lol!!! so this is my little hobby website 2 claim my own lil corner of tha web =^___^=

bucket & toby: the two that inspired me to finally make my own website & i owe them sooo many thx 4 helping me find my feet with html... go check em out!!!! here R some other epic neocities sites i love:


and finally, this is my own site button... you can use it on yer page to link back to mine if U like it... if you can, lemme kno if you do cuz i wanna see yer site too!!!!