STATS (if you're into that kinda thing): taurus sun & sagittarius moon & gemini rising, 4w5, infp-t

LIKES: tacky things, snacks, robots, bracelets, peanut butter, neon colors, the web, smiley faces, animals, halloween, gas masks, thrift stores

DISLIKES: plain clothes, flavored chips, bare walls, people that don't know how to have fun, dress codes, seated concerts, modern mobile phones, "aesthetics" that end in -core, math class

FAVORITE GAMES: half-life, toontown online, roblox, minecraft, tetris, wikipedia races

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: hello kitty,, g-man, grell sutcliffe, riza hawkeye, dr. sbaitso, vinyl scratch, mello/mihael kheel, hatsune miku

x) howdy... my name is four... i'm a secondary school student in ireland just living life for a good time and experiencing the days as they come :) my hobbies include journaling, cross stitching, collecting, using my computer, collecting web graphix, loitering & being around animals and when i get the chance i try to draw, write and bake too... music, bright colors and video games rule my world!!! overall i'm kind of weird but it's alright cuz i'm just having fun being me and making memoriez while i still can. oh and i use "he/him" pronouns!!!

bucket & toby: the two that inspired me to finally make my own website & i owe them sooo many thx for helping me find my feet with html... go check out their sites if u get the chance... some of the coolest spots on the web! speaking of inspiration, here are some other epic neocities sites i love:

and finally, this is my own site button... you can use it on ur page to link back to mine if u like it! if you can, lmk if you do- i'll probably link back to you :)