are you a fan of the visual arts? do you consider yourself a connoisseur, curator, collector, or simply just an enjoyer of images? have you ever been teased over your "artist's gaze" that makes you sensitive, annoyingly sentimental, needlessly obsessive, or have a distinct opinion on the concept of "bad art"? okay, well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but i certainly do love pictures and photos and visuals.

so, this section of my website is dedicated to art of varying quality and contents, but i consider everything here really lovely. on this page, i've displayed some of my favorite works of art that i feel i've been really influenced or inspired by as time has passed, or that i've remembered and carried with me in my head throughout my day-to-day. you can right-click and open in a new tab to get a better look at them if ya want!

more will be added to this page eventually, particularly my archive, a collection of images curated each month by me that i simply enjoy. i do this in real time on my tumblr, but i want to be able to archive, display and properly source everything- all 2 years worth of pics!


My Mother’s Back Home by Juliusz Martwy (2007)

I Didn’t Go to Work Today from Fifth Estate, Detroit, MI. (1987)

Phoebe Pannier

"my dad in England in the 90s": photo from tumblr user @lovs

White Dog With Gems by Rae Klein (2019)

Utopia 10 by Jongsook King (2012)

DILANA by Reuben Paterson (2020)

Gold Lunchbox (2021)