well well well... it seems you've stumbled into my JAR ZONE... that's alright, i keep no secrets here... this is where i store all of my jars that i've collected throughout my travels! i don't know how old each of them are but i think people started making jars in the early 2010s (though i could be wrong). i, master hoarder of trinkets and nonsense, have been slowly accumulating them for the past while and had to build a whole new shelving area just to keep them all from spilling out and rolling around the rest of the site!!! however, despite the sheer mass of jars i've accumulated over all this while, i still find that i'm not satisfied... i don't think i'll sleep easy until i know that i have at least one of each from the whole world wide web! which is a problem, because, well, they're meant to be created and passed around... but that's alright! my part in this is sharing my collection- it's up to you now to share your finds and hopefully, possibly, politely, pretty please-ily roll some my way if you find some i don't have displayed here? *puppy dog eyes*

the first column is standard jars, the original style of jar we all know and love. the second column is for small jars, the babies of the jar family. the corked jars are actually the same size as the standard ones, just built differently, and the fourth column is where i put "unique" jars- they're not meant to be the same kind of collectible jar as the rest, but i couldn't just leave them out!!!

well, there's only one last thing... here is my infinite supply of empty jars just waiting to be filled by YOU! yes, YOU! take whichever style you want and fill it up using any image manipulation program that supports transparency! static or animated, it doesn't matter... it's the thought that counts so go wild!!!!!! change whatever you want at all- just try to keep within the pixel limit!!! (standard & corked: 21x34) (small: 18x28) and of course, remember- sharing is caring! take as many from my collection as you'd like, but in return, feel free to show me any you've made through e-mail or a note in my guestbook and i'll totally feature your jars here and link back to you!!!